The music business needs a new model. Or does it? Think of how the labels of music’s golden years grew out of the intentions and ideas of writers, producers, artists, and “music-lovers-turned-business-people”. We look to the past to listen and learn. All the while, we look to the future to incorporate new technology to the benefit of musicians and creators of art.

Our Artists

Kirsten Thien
Kirsten Thien is Screen Door Records’ Creator and CEO. Just before graduating with a Business Degree from Georgetown University (concentration in Finance), Kirsten promptly took a job as a waitress and a singer in a D.C.-area cover band to begin her journey into the music business. Lesson #1: “Second job required at times”.

After reading Donald Passman’s All You Need to Know About the Music Business, Kirsten began writing songs because she knew she had to. As she honed her craft, songwriting and the appreciation of ‘the song’ became an equal passion. It is at the center of her creativity and vision for Screen Door Records.

Magnus Berg
Magnus Berg graduated from High School in Norway. In the same year, he rocked the big stage to 4,000 people at Notodden Blues Fest (of Europe’s largest Blues festival) and played sold out shows every night of the festival.

Magnus has led his own band at professional shows since the age of 16. During his family’s annual trips to Florida, Magnus began connecting yearly with many  American artists whose music he admired and learned of, initially from afar through his avid love of the Blues. These artists gave him encouragement, stage time at their shows, and valuable mentoring. Magnus has taken every lesson from people, books, DVDs, records, and youtube to a different level — incorporating something new into every show, and quashing fear to accelerate his growth as a musician, writer, showman and person.

more artists coming soon…